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Sheaffer 19 This mechanical balance pencil. 12.4 cm long. Black & abalone. Date: 1932. Condition: near mint.  Using 1.1mm lead. $50.00us
Sheaffer 31-  Sheaffer balance Fountain Pen 12.3 cm long. It is a match to with the pencil Sheaffer 19. Black and abalone. 14k med nib. Date: 1935. Condition: near/mint. $125.00us
Sheaffer 80 - Lady’s Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen and ballpoint pen. Brushed silver diamond pattern. Cartridge filler. Date: 1975.  The section is medium blue. USA made. Tiny dark spot at the top of the barrel & bottom to cap hard to see. 14 cm 14k fine nib. Condition: excellent. $100.00us
Sheaffer 94 - Lady’s lifetime Sheaffer #620 fountain pen. Date: 1975. Nickel nib is medium. 13.2 cm long. Areometric filler. Section black. Condition: near mint. USA made. Brushed silver textured Florentine band. $75.00us
Waterman 90 - Waterman Stateleigh. Crisp indicia. 12.3 cm long. Condition: excellent. The cap is aluminium with anodized aluminium in between the line. Lever filler. Dark grey colour. Taperite style. Date: 1945-1953. $75.00us
Sheaffer 101 - Lady’s black and marine green pearl marble balance. 10.5 cm long. Super colour.14K 3-25 medium nib. Date 1933. Condition: near mint. Lever filler. Crisp indicia.
$ 75.00us
Waterman 52 -Waterman’s pen and pencil set. 11.8 cm long. Date: 1943. 14K medium. Condition: near mint. Crisp indicia. Pencil uses 1.1 mm lead. Lever filler. $150.00us
Pens For the Discerning Woman

Sheaffer 52 - Black craftsman touch down. 14K nib 585 #33. fine/medium. 11.7 cm. Date: 1947. Condition: Fine. Some chew marks at the tip of the cap. Gold on clip is near perfect. The gold on the cap ring is completely gone. $120.00us

Collector’s pens for woman presents a wide scope for collecting. In some cases the plastics used on woman’s pens in not found on larger sized pens. Which makes collecting smaller pens a bit exclusive. We all like that. I have come across some exquisite pens. I hope you will enjoy this site as you search for a pen for your collection.

Sheaffer 75 -Sheaffer Lifetime Lady’s brushed silver. 13.9 cm long.  Medium  nickel nib. 1975. Many  dark spots on the barrel and the cap as seen in picture.  Condition: user grade. Cartridge filler. $ 40.00us

Parker 45 - Lady Duofold lucky curve fountain pen.  The bands are as new. Very crisp Imprint. Parker rubber blind cap has turned brown with age. Condition: near mint. Barrel imprint crisp. Date: c. 1930. Fine 14K nib. 11.5 cm long. Name engraved on barrel  $125.00us

Waterman 110-circa 1941-1943 Gray mottled. 11 cm long. Brassing on the bands Med 14 Kt nib #2 nib. This is a very smooth nib. Date: c 1946. $125.00us

Grace C7-Wahl Eversharp pencil. Missing the cap ring. Uncommon size. 8.3cm long. 1.1 mm lead. $75.00us

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H20-Exquisite tiny blue inkwell. Very rare to find an inkwell of this size and in this colour. Very unusual shape. A real find. 1 3/4 in H (4.5cm). 2 Inches (5 cm) x 2 inches L. 1 1/2 inches W (3 3/4 cm) one corner has a crumbled edge near the bottom not sharp and does not detract from its beauty. This is a jewel of an inkwell. A blue inkwell is rare. I have only seen one other and it was in a stand with 2 blue inkwells. I have taken this picture from the front to show its triangular shape. $129.00us

Waterman 135- 10.6 cm long. Crisp imprint. Trim is chrome plated. Ideal 2A medium nib. Some pitting on cap clip. It has a red feed usually found on red ripple Waterman’s.  Condition: the pitting is making this Good.  $120.00Us

Parker 118 -Streamline Parker Duofold Junior button filler. Black and Pearl. Date:c.1932. Condition: near mint. Showing the normal caramel discolouration. Gold gone from the top of the ball. The 3 bands are mint. Sac removed to preserve the colour. Will install new sac on request. Duofold 14k fine nib. Spearhead feed. 11.4cm long.  $150.00us

Parker 15- Debutante vacumatic. Brown and pearl. Date 1932 circa. Gold is gone from the band of the pen. A very smooth nib for me and a joy to write with.14k med nib. H F J initials written very discreetly. A small spot at the threads to the cap but does not impact the screwing on of the cap. $150.00us

Carters Fountain Pen: Made in New York USA. Nice colour. Length: 11cm. Condition: Excellent. Imprint: good.  $75.00us