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  Waterman Fountain pens
Waterman 128-Waterman Commando brown fountain pen and pencil set. Pen is slightly darker than the pencil. The clip on the pen is also darker. Circa 1946. Made in Canada. Pen is 13 cm long. Medium 14K gold nib slightly larger than I have seen. Some flexibility $
Waterman 110-circa 1941-1943 Gray mottled. Made in Canada 11 cm. Brassing on the bands Med 14 Kt nib #2 nib. This is a very smooth nib. $125.00us Special $99.00us paypal
Waterman 93- Brown pencil. Circa 1941. Made in Canada. 12.7 cm long. Note the transparent top of cap. Uses 1.1mm lead. $ 60.00us
Waterman 79- Waterman pencil golden brown. 13 cm long. Ex. uses 1.1 mm lead. Has original eraser. Good colour, just a couple of small spots on the barrel of discolouration. Gold is quite good but is missing on the high points of the clip. Little bit of gold missing from centre band. Canadian made in 1940’s. $50.00us
Waterman12-Waterman Emerald-Ray pencil circa 1936
13 cm 1.1 mm lead. gold clip and band is excellent. minimal wear $85.00us
Waterman92-Model L5. Lever filler fountain pen. 14 Ct nib. 13.5 Fine. Made in England $40.00us
Waterman44- Ca 1935. Red with green stripes. Unusual clip. 14 kt nib. #2. Nickel worn off end of the lever. Ex. 10.5cm. $72.00us
Waterman53-Waterman Ex. 14 kt Med Rigid nib. Love those green stripes. Lever filler. 32A-V. Unusual for me to have 2 pens the same colour at the same time. 10.75cm $76.00us
Waterman100- Waterman 32 black lever filler. 12. 6 cm. Chrome plating. Made in Canada. Date Circa 1932. Nib is Waterman 14 kt fine firm junior. The top of the clip near the the top of the barrel has some pitting. $95.00us
Wateman90- Waterman Lady Stateleigh Taperite. Dk Grey. 14 Kt hooded nib 11.8 cm. Ex. A bit of gold rubbed off the cap. $72.00us
Waterman41-1943-1954 This is an Fine 14 Kt open nib has slight flexibility. Smooth writer. Chrome Cap has fine lines. Plain band. Slip on cap. Lever filler. 13.1 cm. Excellent. $ 45.00us
Waterman17-Waterman grey 2nd World War circa 1942 F/Ex. 14 Kt 2a nib. Colour of pencil is grey and the pen is slightly olive green colour. 12cm long. $125.00us
Waterman7-Waterman grey. Some brassing on gold bands. Sharp imprint on cap. Some grooves on the writing end.This is another of those war pencils. F-Ex 11.5 cm $60.00us
Waterman11-Lady Stateleigh Taperite. Black. 14 K hooded nib. Some wear on the back of cap. Ex.12cm $72.00us
Waterman1-Waterman fountain pen Ex. 14kt fine ideal nib. 13 cm long. $60.00us
Waterman52-Waterman Commando set. Black. F/Ex condition. Small chip where the clip attaches to cap 3/16 in shallow chip. GF capbands.11-1/2 cm. $135.00us
Waterman22-Waterman's Burgundy. Circa 1970's. 14 Kt ideal nib. Some light bite marks on the end of barrel. Some brassing on cap lip area. 13.2 cm. $60.00us
Waterman 137-Waterman from the 1940’s mid grey with black streaks. Made in Canada. Crisp imprint. Gold clip is quite good but it is loose. Some of the gold on the 2 bands is gone. Medium 14k nib.  Canadian made. 12 cm in length. Price reflexes the need for some help with the clip and a new sac. $ 40.00us
Waterman 136-Gold with brown streaks fountain pen. Crisp imprint $us
Waterman 133 -Olive and gold #92. Circa 1925. Fine 14k nib. I think this nib has some flex. For me it is a joy to write with. Canadian made. 13 cm.  Gold on the band is gone. The gold on the clip and ball are gone. The lever gold is quite good for its age. $180.00us
Waterman123-This Waterman Set is a model 305 made in Canada in circa 1930-1940. The pencil works well but has lost its original clip.  The pen is in EX condition. A touch of flex. Medium 14k nib.12.5cm. I think this is called a tiger eye with red strips. $ 100.00us ON HOLD