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  Waterman Fountain pens
Waterman 12-Waterman Emerald-Ray pencil. Date: 1936
13 cm long. .9 mm lead working.  Gold clip and band are excellent, Conditional Near Mint. minimal wear $85.00us
Waterman 92-Model L5. Lever filler fountain pen. 14 Ct nib. Medium .13.5 cm long. Condition: near mint. Date: made n England. 100.00us
Waterman 100- Waterman 32 black lever filler. 12. 6 cm long. Chrome plating is missing on edge of clip.
Date: c. 1932. Nib 14 k fine firm junior. Condition: extra fine. The top of the clip has some pitting. $95.00us
Waterman 90- Waterman Lady Stateleigh Taperite. Dk Grey. 14 K hooded nib 11.8 cm long. Condition: excellent. Date: c. 1953. A bit of gold rubbed off the cap. $72.00us
Waterman 17-Waterman grey 2nd World War. Date: c. 1942 Condition: F/Ex. This comes with the original leather pouch. 14 K 2A nib. Colour of pencil is grey and the pen is slightly olive green colour. 12cm long. $125.00us
Waterman 1-Waterman fountain pen. Condition: ex. 14k fine ideal nib. 13.3 cm long. Date: 1943. $60.00us.
Waterman 52-Waterman Commando set. Black. Condition: extra fine.  Small chip where the clip attaches to cap. Date: 1943.. 12.7cm long. $135.00us
Waterman 22-Waterman Burgundy. Date: c. 1970. 14 K ideal medium me light bite marks on the end of barrel. Condition: very good.  13.2 cm long . $60.00us
Waterman 136-Striated brown and gold marble lever filler.
14 K 2A. Fine/medium very smooth writer. 13 cm long. 2 cracks under the gold filled bands. Holding tight. Crisp imprint. Condition: I am giving this user grade because of the cracks. Date:1943 $90.00us
Waterman 133 -Olive and gold #92. Date: c. 1925. Fine 14k nib. I think this nib has some flex. For me it is a joy to write with. 13 cm long.  Condition: excellent. Gold on the band is gone. The gold on the clip and ball are gone. The lever gold is good for its age. $180.00us

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Waterman 79- Waterman pencil golden brown. 13 cm long. Uses 1.1 mm lead. Condition: excellent. Gold is good but is missing on the high points of the clip. Date: c.1940. $80.00us

Waterman 7-Waterman grey pencil. Some brassing on gold bands. Sharp imprint on cap. Some grooves on the writing end. Condition: This is another of those war pencils. Condition:  F-Ex. 11.5 cm long. $60.00us

Waterman 11-Lady Stateleigh Taperite.  14 K hooded nib. Condition: Some wear on the back of cap. Ex. 12 cm long. Date: c. 1943.  $72.00us

Waterman 151 -black, grey and red marble. Canadian very fine 14k nib. Firm nib. lever filler. 1933-1939. 10.7 cm Near Mint. $150.00us

Waterman 148 -Skywriter with leather case. Date: c.1942. Durium fine nib. The nib is a bit scratchy to my thinking but I like a medium nib. Pen is a nice rust striated colour with matching pencil. 13.3 cm long (5 1/4 in.) Pencil is working and uses 1.1mm lead. Lever filler. Condition: excellent.  $125.00us

Waterman 144 -Commando brown.14k med nib extra fine. Date: c.1946. Condition: excellent. 12.9 cm long. Lever filler. The gold on the clip is mostly gone. Indicia crisp. $ 200.00us

Parker 15- Debutante Vacumatic. Brown and pearl. Date 1932 circa. Gold is gone from the band of the pen. A very smooth nib for me and a joy to write with.14k med nib. H F J initials written very discreetly. A small spot at the threads to the cap but does not impact the screwing on of the cap. $150.00us

Waterman 128-Waterman Commando brown fountain pen and pencil set. Pen is slightly darker than the pencil. The clip on the pen is also darker. Date: c 1946. 13 cm long. Medium 14K gold nib slightly larger than I have seen. Some flexibility

Condition: excellent. $ 225.00us