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        Sheaffer fountain pens & Pencil
Sheaffer 43-Thin Model pastel blue Admiral Sheaffer snorkel pen. Open 14K #5 fine nib. Blue section with black top edge. Made in the USA 14.2cm long. Date: c. 1952. Condition: Excellent $90.00us
Grace C4-Sheaffer Touch Down. Burgundy 13 cm long. Feather Touch 14K #5 nib Platinum/gold medium. Open nib straight saddle. Date: c.1949 only made for only 1 yr. Condition: Excellent. $200.00us
Sheaffer 92-Sheaffer ebonized pearl fountain pen. Medium 14K gold nib. Gold on the ball of clip is mostly gone. Date: c.  1936. 13.8 cm long. There was a name and someone tried to remove it. Not successfully. Rare flexibility in Sheaffer’s. Condition: extra fine.  $80.00us
Sheaffer 32-Ballpoint, Brushed chrome. Reminder clip press the clip at the top and the refill appears ready to write. This pen is writing.  Made in the US. $30.00us
Sheaffer 59- pinky /beige cartridge Pen. It smoothly writes with a fine/med metal nib.The metal cap has a pair of lines. 13.3cm long.  $ 25.00us
Sheaffer 52- Craftsman. TD filler. Black . Wire cap lip. Teeth marks at the clip end.  Thread at the blind cap cracked but does not impact filling. Open nib. 14K Fine/Med. Date: c. 1951 Condition: user grade.  $55.00us
Sheaffer 36- Admiral. TD filler. Black. 14K nib 595 33. NM. c.1949. Date: c. 1951.  13.4 cm long. Condition: near mint. Date:1951 $76.00us
Sheaffer28-Imperial 4. Sheaffer Set. Burgundy. 13.5 cm long. Condition: near mint. This pen is a plunger filler. Comes in its own fitted box with instructions. Date: c.1960. Price: $150.00us
Sheaffer 37 - Balance, piston filler. Statesman. 13 cm long. Green marine.  14K nib. Sheaffer Lifetime Balance pen and lifetime nib. White dot striated green radite. Some dimples in the gold band around the barrel.Date: c. 1949. This pen has not been repaired to working condition. Condition: excellent. Price: $80.00us
Sheaffer 24- Red striated radite balance pencil. Humped round ball clip. Significant brassing on the band. Only one patch of gold remains.The gold is off the ball. Space between cap and barrel is normal shrinkage for date. Date: c. 1929-1936. Lead 1.1 mm. Condition: G/VG. Good imprints. 12.5cm. $48.00us
Sheaffer 25- Brown pearl radite balance pencil. Flat ball humped clip. Ex. 12.7cm  Date: c.1934. Condition: excellent. Lead .9 mm $64.00us
Sheaffer 12-Sheaffer's Admiral. Red. Open 33 14k medium nib. TD. GF cap band. Condition: Ex. Date: c. 1952. 13 cm long.
Sheaffer 27-Valiant. Gray Snorkel. 14 cm long. GF cap band. White dot. Condition: fine one small gouge and dimple at end of the barrel. No brassing. Date: c. 1952. Palladium triumph nib. $96.00us  
Sheaffer 31- Abalone balance pen with vu section.  Short humped clip, round ball. Date: c. 1933. 11.7cm long. Slight ambering on the barrel. Nice pair to the pencil #19 below.This pen has not been fitted with a sac to preserve the colour. A sac will be fitted at the buyers request. Condition:  $150.00us

Sheaffer 95- Sheaffer Admiral. Moss green slightly more grey than picture shows. 13.5mm long. Condition: Fine. 14k open nib. Date: c. 1956  $96.00us.

Sheaffer 100- Admiral Snorkel pneumatic-filler. Date: c.1959.

Very collectable sage colour. Original box with instructions. Pencil .9 mm lead. 14.5cm long. Condition: Near new. Gold filled trim. White Dot. $275.00us

Sheaffer 4 - Imperial 1. Grey short stroke touchdown. Inset gold filled stylo point nib. 13.4cm long. Date: c. 1961-1962 Condition: near mint. $ 95.00us

Sheaffer 2-Balance. Green pearl radite balance pencil. Humped clip flat ball. Initials J.C.J.on barrel. 13.2cm long. Condition: extra fine  space between cap and barrel which is normal for this age pencil  Uses .9 lead. Date: c.1934 $56.00us

Sheaffer 29-Sheaffer's PFM lll Black. Condition: NM/M. Superb smooth 14K Medium nib. A real treat. All PFM's are snorkel fillers and they came in 5 different trim styles. This PFM is for pen lovers who like a large pen.

Date: c. 1959.  13.5 cm long. Price $300.00us

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Sheaffer 106- Imperial lifetime circa 1963. Inset gold filled nib. Black in colour. A bit of paint on the bottom of the barrel. This should be excellent except for the paint.

$ 110.20us