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Sheaffer's made PFM's (Pens for Men) are found in 5 models, with some variations

Parker in England, Denmark, Canada, and the USA

England, Denmark and France all made a slightly different version of Duofold Parker Fountain Pen. Canada and the USA maufactured their own versions. These fountain pens were a more slenderized version than the Canadian and the US Duofolds. In 1947 the Parker Aerometric 51 was introduced. This system of filler was so advantageous that England updated its own pens and pencils to the more slimmer look. In 1953 the English Company introduced the New Dufold fountain pens and the Demi Duofold. These pens had a decorated cap band and came in solid Red, Black, Blue and Green. In 1962 the line was completed with the introduction of the Slimfold line. Their nibs were No 10 and No 5 . France and Denmark also produced a version of this Slimfold. The Aerometric system used a new type of sac which did not disintegrate as did the rubber sacs. Most of these sacs still function well today.

Parker made a lower priced range of fountain pens. And to differentiate from their usual fountain pens and they called them Parkette. These were manufactured in 1950. They used different parts. Parkette used entirely different clips, bands and colours. Some of these fountain pens have 14 k gold nibs and sometimes they have an alloy nib. Some of these alloy nibs are excellent writers. Some of the colours are quite lovely and were only used in making of the Parkettes.

Parker 21 fountain pens:  These pens were a school pen designed after the Parker 51 a very popular pen. It was made of cheaper plastic and had a metal nib instead of the 14K gold nib. These pens became very popular.

Parker 45  fountain pens were in production for 46 years and was an economy pen with a metal nib. This model of pen was made in a wide variety of plastic and metals and a variety of colours. This model was very popular from it first day.

Parker 45 Coronet fountain pens -were  made of anodized aluminium. Light in weight and a sturdy pen

Parker 51 Specials- This was a pen that was manufactured in 1950 and continued into the 1960's. The Parker 51 Special came with a Octanium nib and a more simplified Areometric metal sleeve.

          Esterbrook pen sizes

J full size- 13 cm   

     LJ long, slender- 13 cm

       SJ short, slender- 12 cm

         H purse pen without clip

CH purse pen with dip

Battersea Pen - This English site is a must to view.

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Parker 51-All things about Parker 51's.

Ross Pens - Specializes in Moore pens. A very interesting site with many different brands of pens.

Society of Inkwell Collectors - Join and you will receive a newsletter with much information.

The Southern Scribe - Repairs, Does Gold plating, restores black on rubber pens which have turned brown.

Pen Collectors of America- Become a Member of The Pen Collectors of America and enjoy the wonderful magazine Pennant which comes with joining.

Vacumania - This is a fun site and is always changing.

Vintage Pens - One of the biggest selection of many different pens and pencil and other deskstuff .

Pen Hero - Is an on-line writing instrument magazine, featuring detailed reviews, history, news, shows, and product announcements, and more links to writing instrument focused sites than any other source.

Information for the beginner Fountain Pen Collector:

Every hobby has its own language. It seems to me that everything is now being shortened to acronyms. We are all being asked to remember these shortened form of all sorts of phrases. These terms or acronyms seem normal to the long time collector but can be quite daunting to the newcomer who doesn't know what they stand for. Here are a few terms you may come into contact with while pursuing your hobby. I will add more as I use them on this site.
 AF- aerometric filler
BRASSING - when the gold or silver metal wear away and exposes the base metal underneath
 BCHR- Black Chased Hard Rubber- referring to the older rubber pens and pencils
BF- Button Filler
BHR- Black hard rubber
BP- ballpoint pen
ED- eye dropper
GF- gold filled
GFT- gold filled trim
HOOD- is the plastic covering the nib in some parker 51's and some other models
2J- double jewels
LF- lever filler
MBL- marbled
 NM- Near Mint
NOS- new old stock
 PF- plunger filler
RR- ribbon ring
SECTION- is the part of the fountain pen which holds the nib
 VISULATED- visible ink supply plus insulated ink chamber

Pen Grades

New Old Stock

An unused pen asserted to have been never sold. Uncertainty exists as to confirming how the unsold status possibly cold be confirmed.


Pen never met ink. Unused.


Pen has been inked. Otherwise superb. Expect sharp imprints, unbrassed trim


Minimal wear. Trace high point brass IS allowed (eg. the clip ball of a Parker Duofold). Imprints sharp. Threads intact and functioning


A gray zone grade offered as a concession to pens a nominal flaw away from Excellent. One feature is off. Imprint weak or a bit more brassing than is conveyed by Excellent.  Consider Extra-Fine to mean "Pen is Excellent except for X", with X representing one weaker detail


Still a nice pen. Moderate brassing, weaker imprint, more wear to plastic (light teethmarks) etc all can be in play. Pen still is clean and presentable.


The slippery slope continues. Light imprint, heavier brassing,  stress lines (but not hairlines or cracks) to cap-lip, etc.




User grade pens have a large flaw that is of great significance to value, independent of other grading features. Most commonly, user grade will reference  a Hairline cap crack, barrel crack, bad cosmetic flaw, etc. Note that the flaw will be described, and the overall grade will be provided independent of the flaw that renders the pen USER GRADE.

Dr. David Isaacson allowed me to use his pen grading with his permission.