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Notes from happy customers.
Dear June:
Thank you for the 2 Esterbrook pens. I am writing this with the green pen. Thank you also for the tips on the correct ink. The Green "J" Pen is just like my old one in high school, without the teeth makes.
Yours truly
Norm Hunt
Dear June:
The Waterson set arrived yesterday( Monday). It's exactly what I wanted, and I'm delighted with it. I don't often order things online (except books), and your photos and description were accurate.
Many thanks,
Anne Cure
I received the pen in the mail today and it is a beauty.  Thanks so  much.  Will get looking for other items on your site.
Warren Rosenaur  
Dear Pamela
My waterman’s is Fantastic.  Great pen in fine writing order.
Thank you,

Sheaffer's made PFM's (Pens for Men) are found in 5 models, with some variations

PFM I- This model has the cap and barrel in one single colour. The stainless steel clip and cap band is topped off by a nib of a silver palladium
PFM II- This model has a cap which is of a frosted stainless steel with a cap band of polished stainless steel. Palladium silver nib.This model does not have a white dot.
PFM III- This model has matching colour plastic cap and barrel, gold filled band and clip. Nib of 4kt gold
PFM IV- This model has a polished stainless steel cap and plastic barrel. Gold filled clip and band. 14 kt gold nib. Gold plate on end of plunger.

Sheaffer pens are noted for their very nice nibs. They are firm usually but they are lovely writers.

GF gold filled

   TD touchdown

M mint

NM near mint

      Pen and Pencil Condition Gauge

Mint-Never been inked. Unused.

Near Mint- Inked but superb, sharp imprints, no brassing. Slightly worn but still looks brand new.,

Excellent- Minimally  used, minimal brassing on the high points.

Fine- Clean, moderate brassing, some wear on the plastic.

Very Good- More brassing, all over heavier wear.

Good- Well used, even wear

User Grade-Very well used, heavy brassing, could have hairline cracks and large flaws.

          Esterbrook pen sizes

J full size- 13 cm   

     LJ long, slender- 13 cm

       SJ short, slender- 12 cm

         H purse pen without clip

CH purse pen with dip

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The Nibster- John Mottishaw- John and his group fix all those nibs you have that are bent and broken and need help.

Parker 51-All things about Parker 51's

Ross Pens- Specializes in Moore pens. A very interesting site with many different brands of pens.

Society of Inkwell Collectors-Join and you will receive a newsletter with much information.

The Southern Scribe- Repairs, Does Gold plating, restores black on rubber pens which have turned brown

Pen Collectors of America- Become a Member of The Pen Collectors of America and enjoy the wonderful magazine Pennant which comes with joining.

Vacumania- This is a fun site and is always changing.

Vintage Pens- One of the biggest selection of many different pens and pencil and other deskstuff

Pen Hero- Is an on-line writing instrument magazine, featuring detailed reviews, history, news, shows, and product announcements, and more links to writing instrument focused sites than any other source.

Information for the beginner Fountain Pen Collector:

Every hobby has its own language. It seems to me that everything is now being shortened to acronyms. We are all being asked to remember these shortened form of all sorts of phrases. These terms or acronyms seem normal to the long time collector but can be quite daunting to the newcomer who doesn't know what they stand for. Here are a few terms you may come into contact with while pursuing your hobby. I will add more as I use them on this site.
AF- aerometric filler
BRASSING - when the gold or silver metal wear away and exposes the base metal underneath
BCHR- Black Chased Hard Rubber- referring to the older rubber pens and pencils
BF- Button Filler
BHR- Black hard rubber
BP- ballpoint pen
ED- eye dropper
GF- gold filled
GFT- gold filled trim
HOOD- is the plastic covering the nib in some parker 51's and some other models
2J- double jewels
LF- lever filler
MBL- marbled
NM- Near Mint
NOS- new old stock
PF- plunger filler
RR- ribbon ring
SECTION- is the part of the fountain pen which holds the nib
Books on Repair