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Windsor 55-The length is 9.2cm when the end  fully extended
Sheaffer 62-This is the screw on end for a Sheaffer desk pen. This end in good condition. $25.00us
Fountain Pen Parts

Moore: Nice barrel cap and warranted nib, section & feed. Needs some TLC the cap lip has a chunk missing as seen at the top of the cap but could be removed to make a nice looking cap. The nib is a warranted # 3 14 K gold. The barrel needs some cleaning as previous owner dipped the tip in some white material. USA made. Price $ 50.00us

Moore Writer: This 8 sided pen is quite unusual. Cap clip is missing gold from the ball. It is missing the section, nib and feed. The barrel screw onto the cap very smoothly. US made $ 60.00us