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England, Denmark and France all made a slightly different version of Duofold Parker Fountain Pen. Canada and the USA maufactured their own versions. These fountain pens were a more slenderized version than the Canadian and the US Duofolds. In 1947 the Parker Aerometric 51 was introduced. This system of filler was so advantageous that England updated its own pens and pencils to the more slimmer look. In 1953 the English Company introduced the New Dufold fountain pens and the Demi Duofold. These pens had a decorated cap band and came in solid Red, Black, Blue and Green. In 1962 the line was completed with the introduction of the Slimfold line. Their nibs were No 10 and No 5 . France and Denmark also produced a version of this Slimfold. The Aerometric system used a new type of sac which did not disintegrate as did the rubber sacs. Most of these sacs still function well today.

Parker made a lower priced range of fountain pens. And to differentiate from their usual fountain pens and they called them Parkette. These were manufactured in 1950. They used different parts. Parkette used entirely different clips, bands and colours. Some of these fountain pens have 14 k gold nibs and sometimes they have an alloy nib. Some of these alloy nibs are excellent writers. Some of the colours are quite lovely and were only used in making of the Parkettes.

Parker 21 fountain pens:  These pens were a school pen designed after the Parker 51 a very popular pen. It was made of cheaper plastic and had a metal nib instead of the 14K gold nib. These pens became very popular.

Parker 45  fountain pens were in production for 46 years and was an economy pen with a metal nib. This model of pen was made in a wide variety of plastic and metals and a variety of colours. This model was very popular from it first day.

Parker 45 Coronet fountain pens -were  made of anodized aluminium. Light in weight and a sturdy pen

Parker 51 Specials- This was a pen that was manufactured in 1950 and continued into the 1960's. The Parker 51 Special came with a Octanium nib and a more simplified Areometric metal sleeve.

  Parker Fountain Pens
Parker 53- Parker Mark 11 21 fountain pen in blue. Lengh 14.8 cm. Condition fine. Cap gold filled. Cap of this fountain pen has two dings on the gold cap. USA made. Parker Mark 11 in the cap $90.00us
Parker 118-Parker Dufold junior. This fountain pen the streamline pen. Black and Pearl. Made in Canada. Gold filled trim, 3 bands. Fine 14 K B nib. Christmas tree feed. 11.3 cm. Fountain Pen has the normal darkening of the barrel. Clip has brassing on the ball of clip otherwise excellent. $132.00us
Parker 45-Lady Duofold lucky curve fountain pen. Jade. Made in Canada. The bands are as new. The engraved Parker Lady Duofold is as it left the factory except for the colour which is darkened on the barrel and some on the cap. The Parker rubber blind cap has turned brown with age. The 14K nib is a smooth writing Medium. $ 100.00us
Parker 99-Parker Duofold Senior c.1928. Black and Pearl. Near Mint light ambering on the cap and a bit more on the barrel. Sac removed to preserve the colour. Will install new sac on request. Medium nib. Christmas tree feed. This Parker Duofold fountain pen has initials. 131 cm. $315.00us
Parker 77- Parker Duofold Junior fountain pen. Black and Pearl. Made in Canada c.1928. NM. Showing the normal caramel discolouration. Lovely Parker fountain  pen. Gold gone from the clip and the top of the ball. The 3 bands are near mint. Sac removed to preserve the colour. Will install new sac on request. Broad nib. Christmas Tree feed on this Parker Duofold Junior. 11.5cm.  $132.00us
Parker 59-Parker 95 cartridge fountain pen. Black Matt finish. Mint condition. Grey plastic Parker box. 13.2cm Near Mint made in France. This Parker 95 cartridge fountain pen does not  seem to have not be used much $105.00us
Parker 147-Parker Demi Slimfold Fountain Pen. Forest Green. Made in England. Decorated cap band 1953. Aerometric Filler. Med number 5 14k nib. Near Mint. Dimension: 12.5cm 14 K nib 585  Parker Demi Slimfold. This pen is a joy to write with. $100.00us
Parker 112- Parker Demi Slimfold Fountain Pen. Forest Green. Made in England. Decorated cap band 1953. Aerometric Filler. Med number 5 14K nib.  Near Mint. Parker Demi Slimfold Fountain pen.  12.5cm  $100.00us
Parker 27-Parker Junior Duofold Fountain Pen. Burgundy. Made in England Circa 1958. Decorated cap band. Aerometric filler.  No 10 14K nib. Mint/ near mint Parker Junior duofold Fountain Pen is 13 cm  long. $110.00us
Parker 25- 1960's Flighter 45 fountain Pen. Made of stainless steel. US made. Aerometric filler. Perfect shape. Writes like a dream. N Mint Parker. M nib. 13.5cm: $120.00us
Parker 21-Parker Parkette Deluxe Fountain Pen. Lovely grey/green  pearl. Lever filler. 14 k Canada  made nib warranted. Pen in Ex/NM condition. Pencil Ex/NM. Unusual coloured Parker. Not seen very often. 12.5cm. $180.00us
Parker 158-Dufold Sr Black Fountain Pen .This is an large English Parker Fountain pen areometric filler. Trim is gold filled. The nib is a stub 14k gold. Very nice. For the collector looking for a large Fountain pen this is the one.
Parker 47- This Parker 21 Fountain Pen  is a forest green pen and comes with a liquid pencil. Aerometric. Never inked. Pencil still retains price tag of $4.00. M. This Parker set also comes with it original box. 13.3 cm. $80.00us
Parker 34-Parkette Deluxe Fountain Pen. Black. Made in the USA. If you are looking for a stub then this is the pen for you. #8 alloy nib. VG. Vue section. VG condition. It has just general wear. Gold trim is mostly gone from this pen. Unusual clip. 12.5 cm $60.00us
Parker 110- Duofold Junior Fountain Pen. Burgundy and Black marble. Two cracks in the cap lip which do not go through to the inside of the cap and do not open when closing the cap ( seen through 10x ). Parker cap clip has been newly gold plated by Jake's Pen who professionally restores clips and bands etc 11.8 cm. Made in Canada. $225.00us
Parker 153- Brushed steel Fountain pen. Medium steel nib. 13 cm long. Released 1975-1978. English made Parker. Nice snap on cap. Parker logo on the clip   $25.00us