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Wahl 8 - Wahl pencil mechanical. $35.00us
Grace C7 - Wahl Eversharp pencil. Missing the cap ring. Uncommon size. 8.3cm long. 1.1 mm lead. $75.00us
Unknown 117 - No name pencil. Black Matt material.Mint. 13.3 cm long. $40.00us
Hero 1 - Hero pen. Dark grey. Filler is similar to the aerometric type. Not inked. Small bit of black discolouration at the very end of the barrel. Has an inset nib. Nib 330 fine. Made in China.  13.6cm long. $40.00us
Letter opener 1 - Lovely dark brown wood letter opener with a African theme. Smooth and excellent shape. 11.25in long and 3/4 inches at widest point $15.00us
Book 66 - Calligraphy instruction book with 33 pages. This book has 64 pages of instructions and diagrams. Well used but in good shape. One inch square piece of the back page is missing. Good start to learning calligraphy. 5" x 7-1/2 in Price: $15.00us.
Conway 32 -  Conway Stewart  number 388. British well known maker. Date: c 1905.  Ex.12.7cm long. The only brassing is one small dot into centre of end of the clip. Condition: excellent. Nib is a small 14k dasi warranted. Writes wet. Lever filler. $150.00us
Wahl 19 - Burgundy and black marble Oxford Wahl pen. Oxford line is a sub line Wahl pens. They often had very unique colours not found in main line. Wahl is Very collectable now. Date: c 1938. Lever filler. 14K warranted #3 medium nib.  Gold wear on the top of ball clip. Lever also has some brassing. 13.3cm  $100.00us
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Eclipse 68 - Eclipse Date: 1920. 12.7 cm long. 1.1 mm lead. Condition: extra fine. 14k gold filled mostly gone. Black chased rubber barrel good. $40.00us