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Black/white corian/grn/blk acrylic-This ballpoint pen has a black and white corian top with a green and black acrylic barrel. This barrel is for the medium hand and has a nice flair at the end near the cone. $25.00us  Sold
Black Walnut-This is a black walnut slimline ballpoint pen. It has a warm feel of wood and is very smooth. $25.00us    Sold
Dutch Pipe-This ballpoint pen is made from our 35 year old Dutch pipe vine which died last year. We saved only two pieces for pens which were large enough for pen turning.  This wood does not have seem to have a distinctive grain but does have faint darker lines in the wood. $25.00us Sold
Green/black1-This slimline ballpoint pen is made of black and green acrylic and is a well balanced pen. $25.00us Sold
Green/black2-This slimline ballpoint pen is made from emerald green and black marble acrylic and has a slimmer finer look with a flair near the cone. $25.00us Sold
Medium green/white marble acrylic- has a well balanced look with the top just slightly larger than the barrel. $25.00us Sold
Hawthorne3 with a flair -This pen is made from a blow down Hawthorne in our yard. Well aged wood has been used to make this stylish pen with a lovely flair near the cone. $20.00us Sold
Hawthorne1- This Hawthorne pen also has a slight flair but also have a series of lines near the cone to give this pen a nice classy look. $20.00us Sold
Hawthorne2- This Hawthorne pen has series of lines on the barrel and also a series of lines on the barrel. $20.00us sold
Oak- This substantial ballpoint is made of white oak. Lovely caramel lines run through this ballpoint pen. $20.00us Sold
Plum 5 lines-This is a smooth stylish ballpoint pen made from  a 35 year old yellow plum again a blow down after a huge storm. This pen is has a series of 5 lines on the barrel and plum is a very smooth wood. $20.00us Sold
Plum1-This is a 35 year old yellow plum. This tree blew down and is now turned into superb ballpoint pens. $20.00us sold
Wenge- Wenge is a very attractive dark rich brown wood with a grain which is black. Wenge wood comes from Milletta Laurentii which is a legume tree. The grain is black and runs down the length of the cap and the barrel.  $20.00us sold
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