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Esterbrook Fountain Pens

Esterbrook 100- This pen is in pearl gray. SJ. Esterbrook nib 1551 (student). Some grooves on the section. Even colouring between barrel and the cap.  12.1 cm long. Condition: fine. Imprints crisp. Date: c. 1949 $35.00us
Esterbrook 114-Esterbrook fountain pen LJ cherry red. Uncommon Esterbrook nib is 2314-B relief broad oblique. Some light dints in the section. Imprints crisp. Date: c. 1949 Condition: excellent.  $65.00us
Esterbrook 2-Esterbrook fountain pen pearl gray. SJ. Date: c. 1949. Esterbrook nib 1555 (fine firm) new. 12.2 cm long. Imprints clear. Condition: fine. Engraved with a name. Condition: Ex.  $40.00us
Esterbrook 115-Esterbrook fountain pen blue. SJ. Esterbrook nib 1550.(Firm ex fine). 12.2cm long. Condition: ex fine. Date: c. 1949.  Imprints faint but readable. $45.00us
Esterbrook 27-Black. SJ. This Esterbrook fountain pen has a chip out of the jewell at the barrel end. As it is black it is hard to see. Esterbrook Nib 2550 (extra fine). Imprint crisp.   Date: c. 1949. Condition: extra fine. 12.2cm long.  $40.00us
Esterbrook 111- Esterbrook fountain pen, pearl gray. SJ. 12.2 cm long. Rare Esterbrook nib 2314-M oblique. Engraved with a name. Condition: extra fine.  Date: c. 1949.  Band is a bit loose. $65.00us

Esterbrook 121 - Esterbrook calls this colour brown but it looks orange to me. Esterbrook SJ. 12 cm long. 9668 steel nib (new) medium general writing. Date: c. 1949. Condition extra fine. $60.00us

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