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Esterbrook Fountain Pens

Esterbrook 100- This pen is in  pearl gray. SJ. Esterbrook nib 1551 (student). Excellent. Some grooves on the section. Even colouring between barrel and the cap. Made in Canada. Clear Crisp imprints.12.1 cm. EX. Price:  $35.00us
Esterbrook 114-Esterbrook fountain pen LJ cherry red. Uncommon Esterbrook nib is 2314-B relief
broad oblique. Some light dints in the section. Crisp imprints. Price: $65.00us
Esterbrook 2-Esterbrook fountain pen pearl gray. SJ. Esterbrook nib 1555 (fine firm) new. 12 cm. Gerald Wilson engraved on barrel. Very discreetly done. Ex. Price: $40.00us
Esterbrook 115-Esterbrook fountain pen blue. SJ. Esterbrook nib 1550.(Firm ex fine) Made in Canada. Imprints faint but Readable. Price$45.00us
Esterbrook 27-Black. SJ. This Esterbrook fountain pen has a chip out of the jewell at the barrel end. As it is black it is hard to see. Esterbrook Nib 2550 (extra fine).
Made in Canada. 12.2cm. EX. Price: $40.00us
Esterbrook 111-Esterbrook fountain pen, pearl gray. SJ. 12.2 cm. Rare Esterbrook nib 2314-M oblique. Name on barrel. Made in Canada. Price: $65.00us

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