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GraceC3-No name mechanical pencil. Writes very nicely. 12 cm long. 1.1mm lead $15.95us
GraceC6-Townsend mechanical pencil. Writes very nicely.
GraceC5-No name mechanical pencil. Writes very nicely.
Scripto1-Scripto pencil. Colour difference between top and barrel is common to plastics of this era. Writes very nice. Some dints at the top end of cap. Pitting on the clasp and all gold is missing from the cone and centre ring.13cm in length uses 1.1 mm lead. $15.00us
GraceA16-Black and Red writing set. Pencil and stick pen with a nib. The pencils blunt end unscrews for containing lead(none in it). Very nice display case. Brown leather with silk and velvet interior. $65.00us
Waterman93-Black Waterman pencil. Circa 1941. Made in Canada. 12.7 cm long. Note the transparent top of cap- Uses 1.1mm lead. $ 60.00
Waterman37-Waterman Patrician Onyx. 13.7 cm long. Ex.12 uses1.1 mm lead. Missing eraser. Near perfect colour, just a bit of discolouring near the centre band. $145.00us Sold
Unknown125-This is a nice ladies mechanical pencil. Works well, 10.5 cm. uses 1.1 lead. $ 15.00us.
Sheaffer18- Sheaffer gray marble with red lines, balance pencil. 14.2 cm long. Uses 1.1 mm lead. Round ball clip. $75.00us
Wahl18- Eversharp pencil in good condition. Missing its eraser. It has a piece of rubber to use it in. One dint in cone. A tiny bit of rust at cone end. 13.5 cm. $35.00us
Eclipse78-Eclipse mechanical pen. 12.7 cm. uses 1.1 mm lead. Gold off the gold ball on clip   Sold
Eclipse68- Black Rubber Chased pencil. 14 k gold filled cap and end.The cap and end show some brassing. Clip is in good condition, some gold worn off the top of the clip ball but generally good. Crisp chasing. 2.25cm. uses 1.1mm lead 12.5 cm long. $40.00us
GraceC7-Wahl Eversharp. Uncommon checkerboard pattern pencil. Missing the cap ring. Uncommon length. 8.2 cm long. uses 1.1 mm lead. $75.00us
Unknown117- Black mechanical pencil. Matt material. Mint. Uses 0.5mm thin modern
lead. 13.3 cm. $40.00us
Waterman7-Grey. Some brassing on gold bands. Sharp imprint on cap. Some
grooves on the writing end.This is another of those war pencils. F-Ex 11.5 cm. Uses
1.1 mm lead  $60.00us
Sheaffer2-Radite balance. Green pearl radite balance pencil. Humped clip flat ball. There is a slight gap between the cap and the barrel due to normal skrinkage. Initials J.C.J.on barrel. 13.2cm. Uses .9mm lead. $56.00us
Sheaffer24-Rose glow radite balance pencil. Humped round ball clip. Significant brassing on the band. Brassing on the clip ball. G/VG. Good imprints. 12.5cm. Uses .9 mm lead. $48.00us
Sheaffer25-Sheaffer brown pearl radite balance pencil. Flat ball humped clip. Ex. 12.7cm .9mm uses lead $64.00us
Sheaffer19-Sheaffer Abalone balance pencil is in Ex/near mint. Humped round ball clip.11.7cm. Perfect colour. Slight wear on top of clip ball.Mint. uses 1.1 lead. $60.00us
GraceA15-Very nice writing set in a nice leather fitted box (missing one
brass closure).It contains brown plastic pencil, stick pen, lead and a wax
seal(no engraving on it) all with a crackle like ends. The end of the stick
pen is yellowed but it is part of the set. Silk and felt interior. $85.00us
Bookmark113-This is a bookmark. The page of the book slips in under the green marble plastic bit. This bookmark is from the circa 1929. $15.00us
Lead1-For all mechanical pencils using standard diameter 1.1mm 2 full length pieces. Random length pieces. $5.00us
LEAD2-For all mechanical pencils using standard diameter .046 inch. Four inches long. Full 6 full length pieces. 1.1mm. $10.00us
LEAD3-2 3/4 inch extra thin .9mm 5 pieces full length. $7.00us
LEAD4-For all mechanical pencils using standard diameter Red/ Full. 4 full length pieces.1.1mm. $7.00us
LEAD5-For all mechanical pencils using standard diameter 1.1mm
4 inches long. $7.00us
LEAD6-Faber-castell drafting leads have 6 different shaped points. 5 inches long. 5 full length. one 1/2 length. 2.mm long. $8.75us
LEAD7-2 inches long lead. 4 pieces. Metal container. 1.1mm long. $7.00us
LEAD8-1 3/4 inches lead. 11 full length pieces.1.1mm long.
Thick lead, medium hard. $9.00us
Paper and pen holder-
Circa 1915 letter and pen holder. Great for keeping
those bills close at hand. 4 inches long x 2 3/4 inches high x 2 3/4 inches wide. Spaces for 18 letters. Space on either side at the bottom for your pens. $25.00us
H40-Modern Acrylic letter and pen holder.This will be an asset to any desk. This holder has 3 slots for letters and 6 slots for pens. The top slots for pens is 3 inches deep, the second pen slots down are 2 inches deep, and the 3 pen slots down are 1 inch deep. The unit is 3 inches high and about 5 3/4 inches back to front. Pens not included.