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Fountain Pen Bargains
Waterman 21-Canadian Taperite Pen set made circa 1945. Barrel has a replacement end. 14K hooded nib is a bit scratchy. Pencil works. Pencil clip has lost all of its gold.  Small nip out of the back side of the hood. 13 cm long. Not repaired. $15.00us
Universal 64-Pen is a cartridge. Hooded metal nib.14 cm $10.00us.
Wearever 57-Nib a little scratchy. Translucent plastic. Near Mint. 12-1/2 cm $60.00us
Tortoise 63-A plastic dip pen was probably longer than it is now. Small crack near the nib.15 cm $15.00us
Pen Holder 65-This looks like a holder for bits of pencils? The black end is open . The yellow end looks like a HP pencil. It says made in USA Eberhard Faber "Van Dyke" 331.12.5 cm. $5.00us
Gold Pencil Holder 71-This pencil holder was made to hold the small end bits of pencils. Thrift was the name of the game in earlier times. 9.5 cm closed. The pencil can be put in either end of the gold tube. The gold is mostly worn off. $7.00us
Eclipse 68 - Black rubber chased Eclipse pencil. 14 k gold filled. Well used. Some gold worn off the top. Gold worn off the top of the clip ball. Crisp chasing. 12.25cm.1.1mm lead $40.00us
Eclipse 75 -Black rubber chased pen. Nice condition except is missing the very tip of the lever, making it a somewhat diffilcult to lift the lever.Chisp chasing. 13.3 cm $54.00us
Ball point pen - Metal. Nice Flowers. Possibly Chinese made. Works.$10.00us