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 New Vintage Find

Check out this page for our Finds of interest. Featured pens and pencil will be Sheaffer, Waterman, Wahl-eversharp, Parker, Esterbrook , and other fountain pens and pencils that we may find that don’t warrant a page of their own. Inkwells and inkstands have also held a fascination for me and so they will sometimes will end up on the Specials Page. We also have some unique wooden hand turned ballpoint pens Mechanical pencils and others items that you may need such as lead for mechanical pencils. Other Deskstuff i.e. Letter openers and items to hold pens and pencil on your desk. Check out the buttons at the top of this page for more items for sale.To order please go to our Contact Page.
Fountain Pen of interest
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Parker  158- Duofold Standard, black # 35.4, 14 K nib 132 cm
 Price $140.oo us
Parker 140- Slimfold green, medium, #5 14k nib. Smooth writer 117 cm
Parker 27- Duofold, junior, red  has quite a good chunk of gold at the end of the nib. #10 14k nib,127 cm, $100.00us
British Parker Slimfolds and Duofolds
This clutch of  Parkers I have accumulated over time and what wonderful writers they are. They are in my estimation all medium smooth writers.  This collection made in England circa 1958 and on. All these pens are in excellent shape. All have 14K gold nibs and are areometic fillers. All are ready to write and write smoothly. I like them and wonder why I have so many at present. Green is said to be the hardest to find. But not here!

Parker 147- Slimfold green, medium smooth writer,117 cm  #5

14K nib $90.00us


Parker 112-Slimfold green, nice writer slightly wetter than 147 or 140, 117 cm #5 14k nib $90.00us