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Waterman Specials Page
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Waterman 17 -2nd World War circa. Date:1942. 14K 2a fine/med nib. Pencil is grey and uses 1.1mm lead. Pen’s grey is slightly olive colour. 12 cm long (4 9/10 in. 12.3cm). Lever filler. Condition: excellent. Comes with original leather sleeve $125.00us

Waterman 128: - Commando Pen and Pencil set. Condition:excellent. 14K medium nib. 12.9cm long. Smooth writer. Slight flexibility. Pencil uses 1.1mm lead. Date:1946. $ 225.00us

Waterman 136 - Stalwart light and dark gold fountain Pen. Pen has 2 cracks under the rings. Doesn’t move when posted. 12.7 cm long. Date:1943. Indicia crisp. 14K fine nib. Condition: good. $125.00us


Waterman 79 - Waterman light and dark gold.  Date:1940 Pencil.13cm long. 1.1 mm lead. Condition: excellent. $80.00us

Waterman 144 -Commando brown.14k med nib extra fine. Date:1946. Condition: excellent. 12.9 cm long. Lever filler. The gold on the clip is mostly gone. Indicia crisp. $ 200.00us